Yellow Sisa Bold Chalk Gel Tyre Marking Chalk Made In Germany


Make your tyre labeling a breeze with SISA Tyre MARKING CHALKS – color-strong, temperature-stable, and easily removable from almost any surface.


SISA Tyre MARKING CHALKS are a must-have product for tyre repair shops and tyre wholesalers. These colored pencils are based on paraffin waxes and paraffin oils, which provide excellent colour brilliance and make them suitable for use on almost all surfaces. The high-quality pigments used in these chalks ensure that the markings are color-strong, smudge- and break-resistant, and temperature-stable, making them perfect for use in harsh industrial environments.These marking chalks can be used to label products and packaging such as tyres, barrels, metal, containers, wheel rims, asphalt, wood, steel, stone, sheet metal, plastic, painted surfaces, glass, paper, and many more. The versatility of these marking chalks makes them a valuable tool for a wide range of industries including production, workshops, warehouses, and shipping.
The markings made by these chalks are easily removable from smooth surfaces using petroleum ether. This makes them ideal for temporary or permanent labeling purposes. The markings made by these chalks can be easily read, and the color brilliance ensures that the markings stand out, making them easily identifiable.

SISA Tyre MARKING CHALKS come in a variety of colors, which can be chosen based on the color of the surface to be labeled or for color-coding purposes. The colors available include red, blue, yellow, green, white, and black.

To make using these marking chalks even more convenient, matching holders can be supplied on request. These holders make it easy to hold and use the marking chalks, making the labeling process more efficient and comfortable.

In conclusion, SISA Tyre MARKING CHALKS are an excellent choice for tyre repair shops, tyre wholesalers, and other industries that require a versatile and high-quality labeling product. The color-strong, smudge- and break-resistant, and temperature-stable markings make them ideal for use in harsh industrial environments. The easily removable markings and matching holders make them a convenient and practical labeling solution.

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