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Introducing D306 Plastic-Stick Epoxy Repair Putty, a fast-setting, hand-kneadable epoxy putty that forms a permanent bond with various types of plastic (except polyolefins). This versatile putty can be used to repair, build-up, and mold just about anything made from rigid or semi-flexible plastics.

PLASTIC-STICK has a putty-like consistency, making it easy to work with and eliminating drips and runs. It comes in a handy rod form with the curing agent encapsulated in the contrasting color base material. With 100% solids content, PLASTIC-STICK does not shrink and is insoluble in water, providing a mess-free application.

This product can be drilled, sawn, tapped, filed, sanded, and painted, allowing patching in areas where welding is not possible. It cures to an off-white color and is suitable for use in various applications such as automotive, appliance, and plumbing repairs.

For best results, surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly to remove grease and dirt. Scuffing or sanding the surface prior to cleaning helps ensure a good bond. To use, twist or cut off the required amount of PLASTIC-STICK and mix it together. If the material is cold, warming it to room temperature is advised to facilitate mixing. Apply the mixed epoxy to the surface to be repaired within 2 minutes of mixing. Force it into any cracks or holes to be filled, and strike off excess material, preferably with tools wetted with clean water. For a smooth appearance of the cured compound, hand rub with water or a damp cloth prior to hardening. Remove excess material before hardening begins. After 15-20 minutes, the epoxy will harden like metal and start to form a tenacious bond. After just 2-3 hours, PLASTIC-STICK is completely cured.

Contact us to view the Safety Data Sheet and Technical Data Sheet for more information. Try D306 Plastic-Stick Epoxy Repair Putty for your next plastic repair project and experience its strong, permanent bond.

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