Traffic Film Remover Non Caustic 5 Litre TFR


A caustic-free traffic remover that is mild on surfaces yet removes heavy soilng rapidly. A concentrated blend of specialised surfactants with corrosion inhibitors.

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Unlock the Power of TFR 27 Non-Caustic Traffic Film Remover

Experience a new era in vehicle cleaning with TFR 27 Caustic FREE Traffic Film Remover – a breakthrough solution tailored for the automotive industry. This advanced formula effortlessly removes dirt, grime, and traffic film without relying on harsh caustic or alkaline chemicals, ensuring a safe and versatile cleaning experience suitable for a diverse audience.

Active Cleaning for Exceptional Results:

Unlike traditional caustic TFRs, TFR 27 Non-Caustic prioritizes safety and versatility. Our carefully crafted non-caustic formula delivers a deep cleaning action without compromising delicate finishes on paint, rubber, plastics, and other sensitive materials.

Powerful yet Gentle Cleaning:

Harnessing the potency of milder surfactants and cleaning agents, Non-Caustic TFRs efficiently break down and lift dirt and contaminants from your vehicle’s surface. Dilute as per the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal application, ensuring adherence to safety guidelines.

Versatile Cleaning for All Vehicles:

TFR 27  stands as a versatile solution suitable for a spectrum of vehicles, including cars, trucks, caravans, motorhomes, and boats. Providing a thorough cleaning action, it removes traffic film, grease, oil, diesel smoke, soiling, bitumen, and tar deposits. Choose from convenient sizes ranging from 1 liter to 5 liters to meet your specific cleaning needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How to Apply TFR 27 Non-Caustic?
    • Apply this TFR using pressure washers or by hand with a pump sprayer, using hot or cold water.
  2. What Does TFR 27 Non-Caustic Remove?
    • This potent formula works immediately, removing traffic film, grease, oil, diesel smoke, soiling, bitumen, and tar deposits.
  3. Special Features of TFR 27 Non-Caustic:
    • Yes, Non-Caustic TFR includes a water-softening additive to eliminate scale, enhancing its cleaning efficiency.
  4. Where Can TFR 27 Non-Caustic Be Used?
    • This versatile formula finds extensive use in the transport industry on cars, vans, fleet vehicles, tankers, and tilt-sided vehicles, ensuring a thorough and safe cleaning experience.

Application Directions: Apply Advanced TFR 27 manually through a pump spray system or directly through a high-pressure power system. Dilution rate – 1 part TFR to 100 parts water. Allow a short contact time and rinse thoroughly to avoid any streaking.

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