Professional Sprayer IK Multi 1.5 Suitable For Pre Wash Etc


Get the job done with ease and efficiency using the IK Multi 1.5 Professional Sprayer. Perfect for detailers and car care professionals, this sprayer offers a durable and resistant design, resistant to acidic and solvent-based products. It features a wide filling mouth, ergonomic design, safety valve and two adjustable nozzles. Buy now and experience the ultimate in reliability and performance.

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The IK Multi 1.5 Professional Sprayer is a must-have tool for any detailer or car care professional. Its durable and resistant design is specifically crafted to withstand the demands of the industry, making it perfect for applying a wide range of general use chemicals such as prewashes and chemicals.

The internal components of the Multi 1.5 are resistant to acidic and solvent-based products, ensuring a long-lasting performance. The seals and materials used are specially designed to withstand most chemicals , solvents, and disinfectants.

The 1.5-litre bottle features a wide filling mouth, eliminating any waste when refilling. The ergonomic pump handle and trigger provide added comfort and ease of use, while the safety valve set at 2.5 bar allows for quick decompression when not in use. The sprayer also features two adjustable nozzles, a cone and fan, and a translucent tank that allows you to check the level of product remaining.

The IK Multi 1.5 Professional Sprayer also offers easy maintenance with its ability to disassemble quickly, and a connector to adapt a wide range of nozzles and accessories.

In summary, the IK Multi 1.5 Professional Sprayer offers a durable and versatile solution for any professional looking for a reliable and efficient sprayer. Its robust design and easy maintenance make it the perfect tool for any detailing or car care job.

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