Pre Wash Degreasing Kit Citrus Pre Wash 5ltr & IK Pump Sprayer


Unleash the power of clean with our Car Dirt Degreaser Bundle – a game-changer for spotless rides! 🚗✨ Grab yours now and transform your car cleaning routine!

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Transform your car cleaning routine with our unparalleled Car Dirt Degreaser Bundle – a must-have experience that surpasses all others! This meticulously curated package not only comes with an irresistible price tag but also guarantees top-tier quality, setting it apart from the competition.

Included in this extraordinary bundle is a substantial 5-litre supply of concentrated citrus pre-wash – the key to achieving a flawless finish on your vehicle. This potent formula is your secret weapon against dirt, grime, and grease, ensuring a long-lasting solution for pristine cleanliness.

Taking your car cleaning to new heights, we’ve added the renowned IK Multi 1.5 Sprayer to this bundle. This leading pump sprayer is crafted for efficiency and user-friendliness, allowing you to effortlessly apply the citrus pre-wash solution. Bid farewell to lengthy cleaning sessions, as the dynamic duo of our citrus pre-wash and the IK Multi 1.5 Sprayer significantly slashes the time needed to combat stubborn dirt and grime.

Indulge in unmatched convenience and value with this exclusive bundle – your gateway to a quicker, more efficient, and budget-friendly car cleaning routine. Elevate your cleaning game with the ultimate car care solution!

Key Features:

  • Unbeatable value in an affordable bundle
  • Highly effective solution for comprehensive car cleaning
  • Concentrated citrus pre-wash formula for maximum grime and dirt removal
  • Bundled with a 1-litre pump sprayer for effortless application on your vehicle

This bundle provides a potent solution to keep your vehicle looking as good as new. The citrus pre-wash formula effortlessly tackles dirt and grime, ensuring easy removal and leaving your car with a dazzling, spotless appearance.

With the included pump sprayer, applying the solution evenly across all surfaces of your vehicle becomes a breeze, guaranteeing maximum coverage and optimal results.

Don’t miss out on the ultimate car cleaning experience – grab our Car Dirt Degreaser Bundle Citrus Pre Wash 5ltr + 1 Litre Pump Sprayer today and elevate your cleaning routine to unparalleled heights!

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