Non Acid Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner


Transform wheels with precision! Advanced Non Acid Wheel Cleaner – Detailers’ choice for a spotless, eco-friendly shine. Order now!

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Introducing Advanced Non Acid Wheel Cleaner – the top choice for detailing professionals. Elevate your services with this innovative formula, designed to transform wheels without the harsh effects of acids. Discover why this product is a must-have for every detailer:

Precision Cleaning:

Tackle grime and brake dust with precision, ensuring a spotless finish that exceeds client expectations.

Surface Compatibility:

Ideal for alloy, chrome, and painted wheels, preserving their showroom shine and enhancing your detailing services.

Advanced Formula:

Harness the latest in cleaning technology for impeccable results, reflecting the professionalism of your work.

Eco-Friendly Choice:

Make a statement with this environmentally friendly solution, aligning with the high standards of your detailing business.

Efficient Application:

Streamline your detailing process with an easy-to-use solution – spray, let it work, and rinse for a hassle-free and efficient cleaning experience.

Versatility for Detailers:

Beyond wheels, this formula is perfect for rims, hubcaps, and various vehicle parts, providing a comprehensive cleaning solution for every detailer’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Tailored for professionals, apply this Advanced Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner directly to the wheels after dilution, using an Alaster Wheel Brush for meticulous scrubbing. Allow the cleaner to sit on the wheels for 1-3 minutes (depending on build-up) before rinsing off for stunning, professional-grade results.

This concentrated powerhouse breaks down contaminants without compromising the wheel’s surface. The carefully selected ingredients lift away stubborn traffic film, brake dust, and tar spots, ensuring wheels are left spotless and gleaming.

Revolutionize your detailing services with Advanced Non Acid Wheel Cleaner. Its gentle, advanced formula effortlessly cleans alloy, chrome, and painted wheels, guaranteeing a long-lasting, eco-friendly shine that reflects the high standards of professional detailing. Experience the power of effective cleaning without compromise – impress your clients with wheels that shine like new.

Will Work Great With Pump Sprayer Like The Ik Sprayer Multi Pro 2 And Even The Ik Spray Bottle Available In Both 600ml Sizes And 1 Litre 

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