Double Edge Plastic Blades Sticker Remover Scraper 100pcs


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  • Single-sided plastic blades fit all standard razor blade scrapers
  • Suitable for removing pinstripes | stickers | bugs | tar | adhesive
  • Used carefully these blades can be used on most surfaces without scratching
  • Time saver
  • Many uses in automotive | industry | marine | home | schools, etc.

Double edge design lets you reach and clean stains, stickers, and glue easily.
Matte surface on top makes it easy to hold and not easy to slip. Besides, with a hole in the middle makes it convenient to hang or install with a blade holder.A box of 100pcs blades can meet your daily needs for a long time.


1. Glue, windows, glass, wallpaper, stickers cleaning.
2. Scrape stains, blots ….
3. Useful auxiliary tool for window, windshield, or glass tinting film.


Recommended Products To Use With For Glue Removal BlackJack Tar And Glue Remover  

For Glue residue removal, simply spray onto the required area, allow a short time for the product to take effect before wiping the residue away with a suitable microfibre towel

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