Angelwax Caliper Spoke Woolies Kit 12” & 18”


Trustworthy and durable wheel caliper brushes by Angelwax and Braun Brush, perfect for maintaining the appearance of your expensive rims and avoiding damage from sub-standard alternatives.

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The Angelwax  Caliper Spoke Woolie kit is a versatile and high-quality addition to any car detailing arsenal. It is designed and manufactured in the United States by Braun Brush, the creators of the original Wheel Woolie. The kit includes two brushes, one with a 12 inch length and another with an 18 inch length, each with a 45 degree angled head that allows you to easily access the back of your wheels’ spokes and other hard-to-reach areas.

The brushes are made of premium materials, including polypropylene and synthetic wool-like fibers, which not only make them incredibly effective at cleaning but also ensure that they will not damage your wheels or calipers. Additionally, these brushes are free of any metal components, making them even safer to use on your vehicle.

The Caliper Spoke Woolie kit has been designed to be durable and long-lasting. Even when used with harsh wheel cleaning chemicals, these brushes will not be damaged and will last for years if cared for properly. They are also suitable for a variety of other detailing jobs around your vehicle, such as cleaning grills, vents and other hard-to-reach places.

It’s worth noting that Angelwax have teamed up with Braun Brush to bring their customers the highest quality detailing accessory. These are considered some of the best wheel brushes on the market and even though cheaper options are available, it’s not worth the risk of using substandard, poorly-made items that can cause damage to your expensive rims.

Caring for your Caliper Spoke Woolie brushes is easy, simply rinse them and clean them thoroughly after each use to remove any contamination before leaving them to dry. To ensure the longevity of the brushes, always take care to select the correct sized brush for the area that you wish to clean.

Overall, the Caliper Spoke Woolie kit is a reliable, high-quality choice for keeping your calipers and wheels looking their best. The brushes are designed to be easy to use and highly effective, and the materials used to construct them will not damage your vehicle. With proper care, these brushes will last for years.

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