Diamond 3000 Compound Extreme Cutting Power


The Revolutionary Compound Which Has Extreme Cutting Power Without The Mess, Risks  Or Headaches You Get From Old School Compounds…

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Revolutionary compound, extreme cutting power without the mess!
Diamond Cut 3000 is the latest in compounding and polishing technology, with Extreme Cutting Power without the mess, risks or headaches you get from old school compounds.

Released in 2017, Diamond Cut 3000 was developed over a period of 18 months in our labs in The Netherlands. It has a huge amount of cut, without making the mess that other compounds are known for. Also, no water is needed to use the Diamond Cut 3000 due to its self-lubricating formula.

Diamond-Cut 3000 does not contain any fillers, meaning flatting and sanding marks will not drop back after the vehicle has been washed, a major complaint of other compounds.

Silicone and ammonia-free, it also will not leave white marks or blemishes on plastic and rubber parts.

Recommended Polishing Pad To Use With Diamond Cut 3000 Compound

Cartec Green Compounding Pad

Who Are Cartec? 

Started in The Netherlands in the late 80’s, Cartec is now supplied in over 50’s countries worldwide, from as far as to Australia to parts of Africa and the Middle East.

Specialising in high quality, highly effective products, Cartec aims to make your job easier by providing you with innovative solutions which leave incredible results every time.

Always developing new groundbreaking products, Cartec UK aims to provide you with efficient, high-quality products which will change the way you detail your car.
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