Detailing 3000psi Turbo Nozzle For Wheel Arches


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Introducing the Turbo Quick Release Nozzle – Your Ultimate Cleaning Powerhouse!

Crafted with precision from high-quality brass and stainless steel, this turbo nozzle is engineered to revolutionize your cleaning routine. By harnessing the dynamic rotary action of a focused 0° stream coupled with a wide-angle spray pattern, it empowers you with both the force you require and the expansive coverage you desire.

Experience a quantum leap in cleaning efficiency as our nozzle accessory delivers over 50% more cleaning power compared to conventional fan jet nozzles. It’s the perfect solution for tackling the most stubborn grime, especially on fabric arch liners caked with heavy mud buildup. And here’s the secret: Just maintain a safe distance from the fabric surface to ensure pristine cleaning without any risk of damage.

Fantastic power and performance from this spinning nozzle which is ideal for removal of heavy dirt, grime from flooring, and will even remove flaking paint from brickwork.  The Turbo nozzle almost doubles the cleaning power.  Brilliant on block paving and for removal of moss and green algae.

It rotates at high speeds to increase both the intensity and cleaning area of the spray, improving cleaning efficiency.

Please Note: The Turbo Quick Release Nozzle is an expert in dirt-busting but is not intended for use on paintwork. For all your paint-cleaning needs, we recommend a gentler approach to preserve that showroom shine.

Pro Tip: For optimal performance with your specific pressure washer, we recommend the 030 nozzle sizee when using a Kranzle K7 machine or a Karcher K-Series range. If you’re harnessing the might of a Kranzle K10 Machine or a similar high-output pressure washer, step up to the 045 nozzle size for unparalleled results.

Elevate your cleaning game with the Turbo Quick Release Nozzle and make every cleaning task a breeze. Say goodbye to hours of scrubbing and hello to sparkling cleanliness in no time!


030(3.0GPM)  bore diameter:1.05mm

3000psi Rating

Brass and Stainless Steel