W.A.C Extreme Snow Foam Alkaline Formula 5 Litre


Heavy Duty Thick Alkaline Snow Foam Which Provides Exceptional Cleaning Power With Long Dwell Times..

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Introducing W.A.C Heavy Duty Snow Foam – Your Ultimate Vehicle Detailing Solution

Experience the next level of vehicle cleansing with W.A.C Extreme Snow Foam, a specialized preparation designed for use with foam equipment. Say goodbye to stubborn dirt and grime as this high-performance foam transforms your car cleaning routine. Here’s why W.A.C Extreme Snow Foam is the ultimate choice for detailing enthusiasts:

Extended Cleaning Power:

W.A.C’s unique formula creates a thick, luxurious foam that clings to your vehicle’s surface, providing a prolonged cleaning effect. Additionally, let it work its magic for a few minutes, effortlessly breaking down contaminants for a spotless finish.

Effortless Rinse:

Not only does W.A.C Extreme Snow Foam provide extended cleaning power, but it also rinses away with ease, leaving no residue behind. Simply use water to wash away the foam and reveal a dazzling shine.

Versatile Usage:

Whether you’re using a foam cannon or high-pressure machine, our product is compatible with various equipment, ensuring a consistent and effective cleaning experience.

Directions for Optimal Results:

  • Dilution Ratio: Achieve remarkable results with a dilution ratio ranging from 1% to 5%. Use hot or cold water, depending on your preference and requirements.
  • Don’t Let It Dry: To prevent streaks or water spots, however, do not allow the foam to dry on the vehicle’s surface.
  • Thorough Rinse: After application, rinse the cleaned area thoroughly with plenty of water to reveal the true beauty of your vehicle.
  • Equipment Care: Following use, it’s advisable to run plain water through your foam equipment. This step is essential, as recommended by machine manufacturers, ensuring its longevity and optimal performance.
Highly Concentrated Alkaline Formula:

W.A.C Heavy Duty Snow Foam features a highly concentrated alkaline formulation, making it exceptionally effective at removing oil, grease, road film, and contaminants away from the vehicle surface.

Safety First: Always use W.A.C Extreme Snow Foam as directed on the label for the best results and to ensure your safety during the detailing process.

Elevate your vehicle detailing game with W.A.C Extreme Snow Foam. Unleash the power of foam and witness the transformation of your vehicle into a showroom-worthy masterpiece. Experience the ultimate in automotive care today!

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