Vision 1000LM Cob Compact Spot Light


Engineered for mechanics, the VISION Compact Spot Light delivers 1000LM from its 10W COB LED, with wireless charging and rugged durability.

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Introducing the VISION Wireless Compact Spot Light – Illuminate Your World with Unmatched Versatility!

Unleash the power of illumination with our VISION Wireless Compact Spot Light, a technological marvel designed to redefine your lighting experience. Crafted with precision, this dynamic lighting companion boasts a host of features that set it apart from the rest.

Dual Illumination Powerhouse: Our VISION Wireless Compact Spot Light boasts two powerhouse LEDs for a versatile lighting experience. The main 10W COB LED emits a stunning 1000 lumens of brilliant, uniform light, ensuring that every detail is illuminated with precision. Additionally, the 3W spot LED offers an impressive 300 lumens, perfect for focused illumination and precision tasks.

Superior LED Technology: Equipped with a 10W COB LED lamp, the VISION Spot Light delivers unparalleled brightness and efficiency. Choose from three lighting modes to suit your needs:

  • Low Mode: Emitting a gentle 250 lumens, this setting provides a soft, ambient glow that lasts for a remarkable 12 hours, ensuring your surroundings remain well-lit throughout the night.
  • Medium Mode: Offering a brighter 500 lumens, this mode illuminates your space for a solid 6 hours, striking the perfect balance between brightness and battery life.
  • High Mode: For when you need intense illumination, the 1000-lumen high mode kicks in, shining brilliantly for 3 hours, ensuring you’re never left in the dark.

Versatile Torch Functionality: Need a reliable torch? Look no further. Our VISION Spot Light features a 3W torch LED with 300 lumens of blazing brightness, illuminating your path for an astounding 9.5 hours.

Wireless Charging Capabilities: Stay powered up effortlessly with the convenience of wireless charging. No more fumbling with cables; simply place your VISION Spot Light on a compatible charger, and it’ll be ready to shine whenever you need it.

Flexible Positioning: Thanks to its integrated stand, you can effortlessly adjust the angle of your lamp or torch to suit any situation. Light up the night from any vantage point with ease.

Hands-Free Convenience: Our VISION Spot Light features a powerful built-in magnet in the stand, allowing for easy hands-free use. Attach it to metal surfaces, freeing your hands for other tasks while you focus on your project or emergency situation.

Rugged Durability: With an IP65 Ingress Protection rating, the VISION Wireless Compact Spot Light is built to withstand the toughest conditions. Rain, dust, or rough handling won’t deter its performance.

Enhance your outdoor adventures, home projects, or emergency preparedness with the VISION Wireless Compact Spot Light. Don’t compromise on quality or functionality – experience the pinnacle of lighting technology today. Illuminate your world with VISION!


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