Tech Seal-It Premium Thin Tubeless Tyre Repair Strings 8″ Thick 30pcs


Tech Seal-It Thin Premium Tubeless Tyre Repair Strings – Genuine Tech quality for temporary on-site repairs up to 6mm in tread area injuries.



Introducing Tech Seal-It Thin Premium Tubeless Tyre Repair Strings, the genuine Tech quality solution for temporary tyre repairs. Engineered to provide reliable performance, these premium strings are designed to address nailhole injuries of up to 6mm in the tread area of various types of tires, including radial and bias passenger, light truck, tractor, ATV, lawn tractor, and OTR tires. With Tech Seal-It, you can conveniently repair your tires on-site, preventing flats and safeguarding against the intrusion of dirt, water, and other contaminants.

To ensure optimal results, follow these step-by-step instructions. First, inspect the tire to confirm its repairability. If viable, proceed by demounting the tire and thoroughly examining the inside for any signs of damage. Next, locate and mark the injury, determining its direction and extent. Apply the specialized #760 Tech Vulcanizing Fluid to the string repair, ensuring proper cementing.

Using the #900 Insert Tool, center the string repair into the eye of the needle, and with the #915 Spiral Cement Tool, carefully insert the tip of the needle into the injury. Leave approximately 1/2″ (13mm) of the string repair visible and rotate the tool clockwise to cement the injury effectively. Repeat this process 3-5 times for optimal results.

Once the repair is complete, it is crucial to inspect the repaired area. Utilize the #751 Tech-chek leak detector to confirm the integrity of the repair. Finally, reinflate the tire to the recommended air pressure and trim any excess string repair.

Please be aware that Tech Seal-It is intended for temporary repairs only. It is essential to consult the tire manufacturer’s recommendations for a proper repair solution. Temporary repairs made with this product should not exceed 100 miles (160km) in distance or speeds greater than 50mph (80kph). Prior to making any repairs, the tire must be demounted and inspected off the rim/wheel to ensure the injury is repairable, and the repair should be performed according to the tire manufacturer’s guidelines. Failure to adhere to these guidelines and neglecting to inspect the tire off the rim/wheel before repair can lead to tire explosion, causing severe injury, loss of vehicle control, or even death.

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