SILVERHOOK Anti-Seize Copper Grease Tub 500g


Silverhook Copper Grease: The ultimate multi-purpose assembly compound. Prevents corrosion, seizure, and disc brake squeal. Ideal for various applications. Reliable and long-lasting protection.

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Introducing Silverhook Copper Grease, the ultimate solution for your assembly needs. Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -20 to +1100 degrees Celsius, this high-quality multi-purpose compound provides unrivaled protection against seizure and corrosion. Whether you’re tackling disc brake squeal, securing exhaust manifold studs and nuts, wheel nuts and bolts, battery terminals, or axle arms, Silverhook Copper Grease is the go-to choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

When it comes to greases, compatibility is key. Before applying Silverhook Grease for the first time, ensure compatibility with the previously used grease and, if necessary, purge bearings. Additionally, remember to exercise caution not to over-lubricate and apply only the recommended quantity specified by the bearing manufacturer. This ensures optimal performance and longevity.

Silverhook Copper Grease boasts an impressive array of physical properties. Its metallic copper color and paste-like consistency make it visually distinctive and easy to work with. With a mild petroleum odor and insolubility in water, this grease is designed to provide long-lasting lubrication and protection in various environments. Furthermore, it exhibits a specific gravity of 1.15 at 25°C and a coefficient of friction of 0.12, guaranteeing smooth and efficient operation.

With a shelf life of over five years, you can rely on Silverhook Copper Grease for all your assembly needs. Its infusible nature, making it ideal for high-temperature applications, ensures that it remains effective even under the most demanding conditions. Whether you’re working in freezing temperatures or tackling extreme heat, this grease has got you covered.

In summary, Silverhook Copper Grease offers the perfect combination of performance, versatility, and reliability. Trust in its superior protection against seizure and corrosion, preventing disc brake squeal and providing exceptional lubrication for exhaust manifold studs and nuts, wheel nuts and bolts, battery terminals, axle arms, and more. Upgrade your assembly experience today with Silverhook and experience the difference it makes.

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