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Imagine there was a stunning water-based air freshener, one that came in a variety of fragrances and lasted really well. Then imagine it was only £8.99. Dreams do come true, but seriously these are a must have!

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Introducing Infinity Wax’s Intense Strength Premium Liquid Car Fragrance – a luxury inspired by the captivating scent of 1 Million, with added fixatives for exceptional durability. Elevate your driving experience with a fragrance that not only lasts but also leaves a lasting impression of excellence.

Crafted to Perfection: Our liquid spray car air fresheners are meticulously blended to enhance fragrance projection, ensuring a long-lasting and captivating aura in your vehicle. Designed to be gentle on textiles and safe for all surfaces, they elevate your vehicle’s interior with a touch of luxury.

The Ingredients that Matter: Made from a technical blend of isopropyl, fixatives, emulsifiers, and distilled water, our liquid air fresheners boast unparalleled strength while maintaining purity and safety. Compliant with the basic requirements of Halal, they contain no ethanol, animal products, or enzymes, ensuring a fragrance experience that caters to diverse preferences.

Unbeatable Features: Enjoy a fragrance that lasts over a week in your car, free from harsh chemicals, and offering exceptional value with up to 367 sprays per bottle. Choose from luxury fragrance options inspired by Creed and 1 Million, all for less than £10.00, making it an unbeatable bargain for premium freshness.

Seamless Integration into Your Routine: Our air fresheners can be seamlessly integrated into your vehicle care routine, enhancing the effectiveness of deep cleaning or steam cleaning sessions. Simply spray directly onto clean fabrics, mats, roof linings, or seat belts for best results.

Safety First: Always ensure proper ventilation when applying the air freshener and use gloves to protect your skin. In case of skin irritation, cease use immediately and wash the affected area with cold water. Avoid using on vehicle glass, keep out of reach of children, and do not ingest. If ingested, contact your local emergency services immediately.

Elevate your vehicle care routine with Infinity Wax’s Intense Strength Premium Liquid Car Fragrance. Experience luxury, durability, and freshness like never before.

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