Flex Polymer Spray Sealant 6/8 Weeks Durability


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Introducing Flex Polymer Spray Sealant

FLEX is a polymer sealant constructed from reactive polymers applied using a snow foam lance, providing maximum performance, ease of use and exceptional results.

FLEX will secure a deep, glossy finish with the added benefit of a hydrophobic coating that will display both water sheeting and beading. This highly durable water repellent finish will protect your paintwork and glass for a solid 6-8 weeks on a well-maintained vehicle. One bottle will provide 20 applications (@5ml per application).

Recommended Maintenance: Bahama Blue High Concentrated Shampoo And  Engage pH Neutral Snow Foam


  • Easy to use & maintain
  • Deep gloss finish
  • Hydrophobic coating
  • 6-8 weeks durability
  • 20 applications per bottle
  • 77p per application

How to use: 

  1. Measure out 5ml using the enclosed measuring cup and syringe.
  2. Add to 250ml of water in your snow foam lance.
  3. Apply to entire vehicle exterior, including glass surfaces.
  4. Allow around 4-5 minutes dwell time.
  5. Pressure wash off thoroughly.
  6. Rinse Lance out thoroughly

Caution: Do not allow it to dry or use in direct sunlight.

Note Product Is Safe To Be Used On Soft Top Roof Performance May Differ

What Is Hydrophobic?

Hydrophobic is the term used when a surface “pushes away water”. The word means as much as “fear/anxiety for water”. Although there is no actual fear or anxiety, it refers to the effect that looks as if it is pushing away the water. (there is no actual repulsive force involved)

Why The Need For Hydrophobic?

A side effect of a protective product is often that it has a very low surface energy, lower then water molecules. This creates beading and sheeting. This effect is called “wetting”. Wetting refers to the angle of contact between water and the surface underneath. The greater this angle, the higher the wetting and the higher the bead. A hydrophobic surface has the benefit that water has great trouble “sticking” to the surface, which allows for the water to run off the surface when energy (like motion) is applied. For example: a hydrophobic windshield will cause raindrops to slide of the glass when the wind blows against them. In this scenario, there is a case of high contact angle, combined with a low roll-off angle. These do not always have to co-exist. In simple terms this means that beading and sheeting don’t always have to appear together.

When water moves from a surface, it is much more likely to carry dirt and other contaminants away from the surface. Since the beads runs off, it can’t dry up and leave its trace elements and mineral on the surface. Simply put, it will help in keeping the surface more clean. It is also less likely that dirt can stick to the surface, which means it is more easy to clean and there is much less need for claying in the future. Drying after washing the vehicle, will also be more easy.
Read the original article at: https://www.detailingwiki.org/detailing-miscellaneous/what-is-hydrophobic/?highlight=what%20is%20hydrophobic%20coating

So, how do I maintain FLEX after application?

Maintenance is simple, and we have both of the products that will give you the best results. The pre-wash stage should be completed with Engage snow foam. This is a pH neutral snow foam so will not degrade or harm your FLEX coating in any way. After your pre-wash stage, its time for your contact wash and the best product for this is Bahama Blue Shampoo. We call this a ‘pure’ shampoo, meaning that the shampoo contains nothing artificial in the way of gloss enhancers or additives that would take away or alter the finish of FLEX.

Does Flex Have Any Accreditations? 

Yes, Flex was rated at 5 stars on AutoExpress latest article. ”We were seriously impressed by this innovative solution. It comes with a syringe and cup to measure the 5ml that needs to be added to 250ml of water in a snow-foam lance. Spray on, leave for five minutes, then pressure wash off. It promises six to eight weeks’ protection, but we kept extending our test because it was still present and working.

It was still beading when rivals had flagged at the end. Remarkable and, on the basis that the bottle is good for 20 applications, excellent value for money with years of protection. There was little to choose between it and its ceramic rival, but the price difference tips the balance toward Duel’s FLEX. With super-simple application, it’s a very attractive package.”

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