Koch Chemie Pw Protector Wax High Gloss 1LTR


Koch Chemie Protector Wax PW Is a spray on and rinse off product. Simply dilute the product into a spray bottle or foam cannon at a ratio of 30ml/1L. Rinse a clean vehicle down, and while wet, foam the solution on or apply with a spray bottle. Allow to dwell for a few minutes, then fully rinse from all surfaces. BOOM…Instant hydrophobics!!! 🔥

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Koch Chemie’s Premium Protectorwax is an innovative high-tech conserving wax, which has set new standards in matters of protection, durability, extreme deep gloss, long-term water repellence (lotus effect), easy-to-clean performance and vehicle drying without micro-beading.

PW uses a combination of polyfunctional reactive components and high-quality care components in order to guaranteee long lasting high-gloss protection. It leaves a glossy and protective layer which helps to disguise fine scratches in addition to protection against fading and embrittlement on rubber, plastic and fabric surfaces.

ProtectorWax thus makes a considerable contribution to maintaining the vehicle’s value. Can be used as hot, cold and foam wax (mechanically and manually). Optimum drying results can be found following use. Optimally suited for standard as well as for biological service water treatment plants. Contains no mineral oil hydrocarbons.

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