Infinity Wax Synergy Boost Lance Applied Ceramic Sealant 250ml


Infinity Wax Synergy Boost Lance Applied Ceramic Sealant: The fastest and easiest way to achieve exceptional hydrophobic protection for your vehicle with unmatched performance.

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Introducing Infinity Wax Synergy Boost Lance Applied Ceramic Sealant, the world’s most powerful and fastest way to protect your vehicle. This snowfoam lance applied ceramic sealant concentrate delivers outstanding performance, making it a must-have for professionals and car care enthusiasts alike.

Formulated with a groundbreaking SiO2 polymer, designed in late 2021, Synergy Boost offers unrivaled performance in the wet coat sealant class. This innovative MQ resin polymer not only provides exceptional hydrophobicity but also contains an additive that prevents water spotting, addressing a common issue found in other lance applied sealants.

Experience the remarkable features of Synergy Boost. Its fast and easy application delivers insanely hydrophobic performance, with some users comparing its beading and sheeting abilities to that of a ceramic coating. This makes it an ideal choice for maintaining your already coated vehicle or providing quick and efficient protection for your uncoated vehicle. Additionally, Synergy Boost can be effectively used to seal under vehicles and braking components, preventing rust ingress on a short-term basis.

Incorporating Synergy Boost into your wash process is a breeze. It offers the simplest way to protect your paint, wheels, glass, and any other external surface. Apply the product directly to a wet and clean vehicle, followed by rinsing, to enjoy up to 3 months of lasting protection. The best part is that you can achieve this level of protection using just 1.25ml per vehicle, making the 250ml concentrate bottle highly economical and long-lasting.

Upgrade your vehicle protection with Infinity Wax Synergy Boost Lance Applied Ceramic Sealant. Unlock the power of this innovative and high-performance product, providing your vehicle with superior hydrophobicity and long-lasting durability. Choose the world’s most powerful lance applied sealant and experience the fastest and easiest way to protect your vehicle’s surfaces.

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