Infinity Wax Plastic Coat Advanced Plastic Sealant 500ml


Infinity Wax Plastic Coat: Restore, protect, and elevate the look of your vehicle’s plastic trim with this powerful and long-lasting solution for professionals and car care enthusiasts.

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Introducing Infinity Wax Plastic Coat, the ultimate solution for restoring and protecting unpainted plastic trim on vehicles. With its advanced formula and superior performance, Plastic Coat instantly rejuvenates the appearance of faded plastic trim and leaves behind a strong, durable layer of protection. Available in a convenient 500ml size, this product is designed to cater to the needs of professional detailers, valeters, and car care enthusiasts alike.

Crafted by Infinity Wax, Plastic Coat is formulated using a unique blend of three premium solvents sourced from Shell’s specialist chemistry division. These solvents are carefully combined with a solid polymer and multiple liquid polymers at high temperatures, resulting in a technologically advanced and user-friendly product. To enhance your experience, Plastic Coat features a delightful sherbet lemon fragrance that adds a touch of freshness to your detailing routine.

What sets Plastic Coat apart from other plastic dressings is its exceptional durability. While traditional dressings last only a few weeks and ceramic coatings require complex application, Plastic Coat strikes the perfect balance. It can be applied like a dressing but offers long-lasting protection that can endure for up to 6 months, making it an ideal choice for both short-term and long-term use. Professional detailers will appreciate its ability to deliver outstanding results consistently.

In addition to its impressive longevity, Plastic Coat boasts excellent hydrophobic properties. Its unique formulation ensures that water beads and slides off the treated surface, maintaining a cleaner and more polished look. Moreover, Plastic Coat resists common vehicle wash chemicals such as citrus pre-wash and snowfoam, providing added protection against chemical degradation.

To incorporate Plastic Coat into your wash process, apply it as the last-stage protection product (LSP) after cleaning and drying your vehicle. For optimal results, we recommend using an all-purpose cleaner like Infinity Wax APX to decontaminate the plastic trim, removing any previous dressings that could reduce Plastic Coat’s durability.

Safety is of utmost importance to Infinity Wax. Keep Plastic Coat out of reach from children and always wear gloves when handling chemicals. In case of skin irritation, wash the affected area thoroughly with cold water and gentle soap.

Elevate your detailing routine with Infinity Wax Plastic Coat. Experience the professional-grade performance and lasting protection it provides to your vehicle’s plastic trim. Choose the 500ml size for a convenient and generous supply of this exceptional product. Discover why Infinity Wax is trusted by professional detailers and car care enthusiasts worldwide and make Plastic Coat an essential part of your car care arsenal.

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