Final Cut 9000 One Step Compound 150ml


One step compounding and polishing power.
If you need a perfect finish in a short amount of time, Cartec Final Cut 9000 One Step Compound is the product for you!

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Introducing Cartec Final Cut 9000 One Step Polishing Compound  – The ultimate solution for a perfect finish in a short amount of time. Part of our Refinish 3000/9000 range, FINAL CUT 9000 has a good amount of cut to remove light holograms and clear coat scratches, but is still completely hologram-free. Use it after Diamond Cut 3000 to remove holograms, or as a stand-alone compound for a flawless finish.

Final Cut 9000 is easy to use and versatile, making it the perfect product for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Pair it with our RF2150G range of open structured compounding pads for the best results, and experience the power of Final Cut 9000 One Step Polish Compound. Order now to achieve a perfect finish in less time.

If you’re a detailer or car enthusiast, you know that a polished, shiny car can make all the difference. That’s why you need Cartec’s polishing products – to restore the shine and luster to your car’s paintwork, protect it from the elements, and improve its resale value. Plus, with Cartec’s easy-to-use products, maintaining your car’s glossy finish will be a breeze. Don’t settle for a dull, drab car – use Cartec’s polishing products to keep your ride looking its best. Order now to experience the difference for yourself!

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