Cartec Perfect Polish: Polishes, Waxes, and Protects in One Easy Step 1 Litre


Perfect Polish is an Easy on, Easy off polish. Leaves paintwork with a gloss finish and protects surfaces from oxidisation. After application remove residue with a clean cloth. For best results apply Paint Compound first.

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Perfect Polish is an ideal combination of polish and wax in one.

Directions for use:
Apply Perfect Polish with a clean, soft cloth and a twisting motion to the paint surface. In case of scratches and dirt, apply more pressure and polish until removed. Then let the film layer dry. Then rub with a soft, clean cloth until you are left with a high gloss. This is best done by starting with a small turning movement and making the circle bigger and bigger. In between, turn the cloth over. Attention, Perfect Polish can leave white residue on plastic parts. Preferably tape off the plastic. Do not allow product to freeze.

Perfect Polish is the ideal product for a quick treatment of the car paint that is slightly damaged. It gives the paint back its original deep gloss and provides good protection. The polishing effect removes light scratches. It also easily removes tar residue from the paint. Perfect Polish can be used both manually and by machine. Perfect Polish contains silicone but these do not cause any problems for car repair shops as they are non-volatile.

• Fast results using this 2 in 1 product
• Very easy to use
• Deep gloss and great protection
• Also workable in the sun
• Still easy to buff out after 24 hours
• Quickly removes light scratches
• Bodyshop safe

Tips & tricks:
Allow to dry after application. You can rub out the Perfect Polish as soon as you can write with your finger in the film layer and it feels dry to the touch. Also easily removes UV damaged stripes from caravans and motorhomes. Use a machine to apply the white or yellow Cartec pad.

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