A1 Autozone Coral Fleece Microfibre Cloth 500GSM


The A1 Autozone Coral Fleece Microfibre Cloth Are Manufactured From A Soft Luxurious, Thick And Even A Lint Free Pile.

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Introducing the A1 Autozone Coral Fleece Microfibre Cloth — the epitome of luxury and functionality for all your detailing needs. Crafted with precision and care, these cloths offer an unparalleled level of softness and effectiveness, ensuring your vehicle’s finish receives the tender care it deserves.

Unveil the realm of luxurious detailing with our Coral Fleece Microfibre Cloth, meticulously designed to redefine your expectations. Delight in the embrace of its soft and sumptuous piles that caress your paintwork with the utmost gentleness. Unlike ordinary cloths that may leave unsightly scratches or marring, our microfibre masterpiece guarantees a flawless and pristine outcome.

Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities as these cloths take on a dual role with finesse. Not limited to just exterior applications, our Coral Fleece Microfibre Cloths seamlessly transition into interior detailing, setting a new standard for excellence. Harness the power of our premium microfibre cloths to effortlessly reveal the true beauty of your vehicle’s interior with due Interior Detailer Satin.

Unrivaled in absorbency, our Coral Fleece Microfibre Cloths boast an innate capability to masterfully handle ‘wet’ finishing tasks. Whether it’s the delicate chore of applying quick detailers or elegantly removing spray waxes, these cloths excel in their domain. The deep pile and soft fibers not only ensure a streak-free finish but also affirm their dedication to preserving your paintwork’s integrity.

Embark on a journey where quality and innovation intertwine seamlessly. Our Coral Fleece Microfibre Cloths are the embodiment of luxury and utility, meticulously manufactured to meet the needs of enthusiasts and professionals alike. Say goodbye to compromises and embrace the future of detailing with a product that’s more than just a cloth—it’s a testament to excellence.

Size: 40cm x 40cm


How To Take Care Of The A1 Autozone Coral Fleece Microfibre Cloth

  1. 30 Degrees Machine Wash With Duel Laundry, A Microfibre Wash Detergent
  2. Wash Separately
  3. Air Dry

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