Wurth Super Glue Activator


Activator to speed the curing process. Solvent based surface treatment for use with super glue

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Activator to speed the curing process. Solvent-based surface treatment for use with super glue for surface activation only guaranteed not to discolour and designed to minimise the risk of yellowing on UPVC surfaces

Application area UPVC


Apply activator to the area to be bonded, ensuring that the surface is free from contamination. Allow solvent to evaporate, approx. 15-30 seconds. Apply adhesive immediately after drying or not more than 45 seconds thereafter. Activator can be re-applied if there is delay of more than 45 seconds

Spray a small amount of the activator on the surface of the profile, DO NOT apply excessive amounts, DO NOT allow product to run or poor as this will lengthen the drying time and the exposure to UV which could cause yellowing

Apply the adhesive to the other surface bring parts together and apply pressure until the adhesive if set.

Chemical basis Heptane
Density 2 g/cm³
Contents 200 ml

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