Vision 1500 Lumens COB Work Light & Flex Light



Revolutionize Your Workspace with the Vision Wireless 1500 Lumens COB Work Lamp/Flex Light

Introducing a game-changer in the realm of mechanics’ tools – the Vision Wireless 1500 Lumens COB Work Lamp/Flex Light. Crafted with unwavering dedication to meet the exacting demands of mechanics, this versatile powerhouse brings a new level of illumination and functionality to your workspace.

Illuminate Your Path with Precision:

Equipped with a cutting-edge 15W COB (Chip on Board) LED, this lamp delivers an astonishing 1500 lumens of pure, white light, turning even the darkest corners of your workspace into a beacon of clarity. Say goodbye to shadows and hello to flawless visibility, enabling you to scrutinize intricate components with unparalleled precision.

Tailored Lighting, Uninterrupted Workflow:

Experience flexibility like never before with our Lumen and Work Time settings:

  • Low Mode: Immerse yourself in 300 lumens of gentle radiance that persists for an impressive 14 hours, making it your steadfast companion during extended tasks.
  • Medium Mode: Unleash 800 lumens of brilliance, illuminating your workspace for up to 7.5 hours, striking the perfect balance between luminosity and longevity.
  • High Mode: Bask in the brilliance of 1500 lumens, ensuring every nook and cranny is brought to light for 3.5 hours of uninterrupted productivity.

Empowerment in Your Hands:

This visionary work lamp isn’t just about the lumens – it’s about empowerment. Seamlessly transition from a work lamp to a torch with its potent 3W LED, radiating 300 lumens of focused brilliance for an astounding 16 hours. Navigate your workspace with ease, whether you’re peering into an engine bay or inspecting intricate details.

Wireless Charging, Boundless Possibilities:

Embrace the future of convenience with wireless charging support (wireless charging pad sold separately). With this cutting-edge feature, you’ll have the freedom to charge your tool effortlessly, ensuring you’re always ready for the next task at hand.

Unrivaled Flexibility:

Crafted to adapt to your every need, the integrated hook allows you to position the lamp or torch at a myriad of angles, ensuring you never miss a detail. The powerful rear magnet ensures hands-free operation, freeing up your hands to focus on the task, while the IP65 Ingress Protection Rating shields your tool from dust and water.

Empowering Specifications:

  • LED Lamp: 15W COB, 1500LM
  • LED Torch: 3W, 300LM
  • Battery: Li-ion 3.7V / 4400mAh
  • Charge Time: Approximately 3.5 hours (wireless pad approximately 5 hours)
  • Operating Time: 3.5 – 14 hours
  • USB Charger Lead: PD 20W USB-C to USB-C
  • AC Adaptor: Input: 100-240V-50/60Hz 0.8A; Output: PD 20W 5V DC 3.0A; 9V DC 2.22A; 12V DC 1.67A, 20W Max

Elevate your mechanics’ experience with the Vision Wireless 1500 Lumens COB Work Lamp/Flex Light – the embodiment of precision, adaptability, and unwavering performance. Illuminate your workspace, enhance your productivity, and redefine your craft today.