MJJC Snow Foam Lance (Cannon) S (V3.0)


Experience the power of next-generation foam technology with the MJJC Foam Cannon S. Create thicker foam with less soap for effortless car detailing. #FoamCannonS


Introducing the MJJC Snow Foam Lance (Cannon) S (V3.0), the ultimate detailing companion powered by MJJC’s new generation foam technology. This innovative foam cannon is designed to take your car washing experience to a whole new level. With its advanced features and improved performance, the Foam Cannon S outshines its predecessors and delivers outstanding results with every use.

One of the standout features of the Snow Foam Lance is its 360° Degree Adjustable Spray Direction. This allows you to effortlessly foam the roof and chassis of your vehicle without wasting foam or missing any spots. The new spray nozzle produces a better foam fan, ensuring even coverage and maximum efficiency.

Thanks to the new generation foam technology, this foam cannon produces 30% denser foam than the classic foam cannon, all while using less shampoo. With just 100ml of shampoo per 900ml of water (1:9 ratio), you can create copious amounts of foam, saving you money in the long run. What’s more, the Foam Cannon S can produce thick foam even with lower pressure washers as low as 90Bar (1300psi), eliminating the need to invest in a larger, more expensive pressure washing machine.

The Snow  Foam Cannon S features a new connection system (patent pending) that makes attaching fittings a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassle of using PTFE tape or glue. The new design also makes it easier to change the orifice nozzle and stainless steel mesh filter, ensuring quick and seamless maintenance.

With the Foam Cannon S, convenience is key. It comes with a range of adapters that fit most pressure washers, making it compatible with various models. The foam cannon is built with new generation construction, making it stronger and more robust for long-lasting durability.

To enhance the user experience, the Foam Cannon S incorporates the foam fan spray adjuster and top knob. These features are pre-set to provide optimal foam performance, saving you time and effort during your car washing routine.

Upgrade your car care arsenal with the MJJC Snow Foam Cannon S and enjoy the benefits of its new generation foam technology. Say goodbye to weak foam and wasted shampoo, and say hello to a thick, luxurious foam that will leave your vehicle looking showroom-ready. Whether you’re a car enthusiast, a professional detailer, or a homeowner looking to elevate your car washing routine, the Foam Cannon S is the perfect choice for superior foam and unmatched convenience.

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1/4 Quick Release, Karcher K Series