Infinity Wax Tyre Candy Durable Up To 6 Weeks & Non Greasy Finish


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Infinity Wax Tyre Candy is a super thick, candy-scented tyre dressing that will make your tyres look glossy and new. This water-based formula is easy to apply using a foam or brush tyre dressing applicator. Simply apply a few drops to the applicator and spread it evenly over the tyre sidewall. This tyre dressing is also suitable for use on unpainted plastics and rubber as a short-term dressing. It dries to a non-greasy, glossy finish that won’t sling, and it’s durable for up to six weeks. The product comes in a convenient 250ml size.

For the best application process, Infinity Wax recommends using the CarScope Tyre Dressing Brush. Make sure to shake the bottle well before applying, and use a forced air dryer like a pet dryer or a Blo Air Dryer to quickly and efficiently dry the tyre. Apply a small amount of Tyre Candy to your brush and gently spread it around the tyre wall. With this simple process, you’ll have a glossy, durable tyre that looks great for up to six weeks.


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