Diamond Vision Glass Sealant


Diamond Vision is a glass sealant with a difference

It contains a high Si02 content with an instant bond for fast application and none of the precautions or fiddly application requirements of a ceramic coating.

Application is simple, fast, and can be done in less than ideal conditions and still have superb long lasting results.

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Super Hydrophobic Glass Protection Sealant


What is it? Diamond vision is a Si02 Siloxane based glass sealant with an incredibly effortless removal process, excellent hydrophobics and vastly improves driving clarity in the rain and at night.

What’s it made from? This solvent based sealant uses incredibly powerful polymers which have been sourced from Germany and are engineered to be negatively charged, unlike paintwork sealants which are typically positively charged. This allows diamond vision to bond to the positive static charges within your vehicle’s glass.

What are the features? The idea behind Diamond Vision was to make sealing your glass as easy as possible, without compromising on hydrophobics and durability. Nobody wants streaky glass, and with Diamond Vision you will always be able to apply and remove it effortlessly. When researching this product, we discovered that it’s common for other products to use sulphuric acid in their formulas. This lightly etches the glass to create a bond. Because we use negative chemical charges to create a bond, we eliminate the need for acids and the risk they pose to the rubbers around your window and of course your skin and eyes when applying them.

How does it fit into the wash process? You should always use Diamond Vision on clean prepared glass, this will allow the product to work efficiently. On average you should only need to use 3-5 sprays on a side window and 10-15 on a windscreen, so the 250ml bottle should last the average motorist for months, if not longer. Our recommendation is to seal your glass at the last stage of washing, drying, and protecting your vehicle.

Learn More About Advantages Of Using Water Repellent Coating 

According To A Source From  CarDetailingArt

1. Water Repellent Coatings Protect Glass From Damage

In the harsh condition of rain and snow, most windshields can be damaged over time. The windshields will have rust spots, scratches, chips, and cracks. This is caused by the rain or snow melting and penetrating into the glass. The water repellent coatings will not let water penetrate into the glass even in pouring rainstorms. It will create a hydrophobic barrier between it and water drops.

2. Water Repellent Coatings Last For Longer

The average life of a windshield is about seven years. After that, it can be damaged by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The UV rays may make the windshields have cracks as well as peeling off; it will lead to water droplets being stuck to the glass. In this case, a water repellent coating is very useful to maintain your glasses in good condition. You don’t need to replace your windshield again and again because they will last longer with this product.

3. Water Repellent Coatings Reduce Idling Costs

Driving in rain or snow can be very dangerous. When there’s lots of moisture on the windshield, it tends to reduce visibility, which may lead to accidents. A water repellent coating can reduce the amount of time you waste idling. You will have a clear vision even in heavy rain and snow, and avoid any accidents caused by slippery roads and unsafe driving conditions.

4. Water Repellent Coatings Have A Lasting Pleasing Appearance

Dark black spots on the windshield are very ugly to see. This is caused by oxidation, which will make the glass look dark and unattractive. When you use a water repellent coating, it will prevent any fading that may have occurred on the windshield. You won’t need to replace your windshield again and again because of its peeling off, cracks or chips.

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