Detailers United – Extra Large Interior Scrubber Detailing Pads – 135 x 180mm 4 Pack

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This Extra Large Interior Scrub Will Fulfil All Your Detailing Demand Whether You Are Deep Cleaning Seats Or Alcantara Thanks To Its Size It Can Cover Good Area Of Size And Most Importantly Efficiently.

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Introducing The Detailers United Interior Detailing Pad – the perfect tool for car care professionals and enthusiasts looking for ultimate convenience and exceptional results. This pad is designed for gentle cleaning and regular upkeep of your car’s interior, and is suitable for use on a variety of surfaces, including plastics, fabric, chrome, aluminum, carbon fibre, and Alcantara.

The Detailers United Interior Detailing Pad is made from a 2-piece 150 GSM microfiber with thousands of nylon hooks. The manufacturing process creates a double-sided towel with two different pile lengths, allowing one side to be used for buffing and the other for scrubbing. The pad also has a 3cm thick foam core and a stitched edge for added durability.

The nylon side of the pad has a slightly higher pile, making it ideal for buffing and wiping away dressing sprays, while the shorter pile side is designed for polishing and buffing. The non-abrasive nylon material is scratch, swirl, and lint-free, and will not leave any marks on even piano black trim. With a density of 150 GSM, the pads are plusher and more absorbent than the competition, and the superior quality is immediately apparent when you hold it in your hands.

Each pack of Detailers United Interior Detailing Pads includes 4 colours, so you can avoid cross-contamination and use the correct pad for each surface. Detailers United was formed in 2011 by a group of professional car detailers, and has since become a leading supplier of detailing products worldwide.

To care for your Detailers United Interior Detailing Pad, hand wash it with a dedicated microfiber detergent and allow it to air dry. Do not use fabric softeners or bleach, and avoid exposing the pad to high heat or direct

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