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Designed for people looking for thicker gloves in a classic design.

nitrylex® classic+ are diagnostic gloves of the highest quality. They are 70% thicker than standard nitrile gloves and textured on the entire surface. They provide an effective barrier against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Do you find classic nitrile gloves too thin? nitrylex® classic+ solve this problem. They are significantly thicker than standard gloves, but guarantee similar tactile sensitivity.

nitrylex® classic+ provide classic comfort and strength

The nitrylex® classic+ gloves ensure unrestricted movement similar to that provided by classic nitrile gloves. At the same time, they provide an excellent barrier against invisible threats such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. Thicker walls mean better glove strength and less wear – even during long and complex procedures.

nitrylex® classic+ provide perfect sensitivity and extra protection.

nitrylex® classic+:

The wall of the gloves is 70% thicker than the standard wall of nitrile gloves.
The wall of the gloves is 70% thicker than the standard wall of nitrile gloves.
nitrylex® classic+ are gloves designed for procedures requiring the strongest gloves. Thicker walls are suitable for work with sharp tools, because they provide protection against mechanical damage.

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