Wireless Apple CarPlay Adaptor Plug & Play


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After eagerly anticipating the Apple CarPlay experience with my Volkswagen Golf, I was dismayed to find myself constantly fumbling with cables just to connect my phone. Not only did the messy cables detract from the sleek interior, but the hassle of ensuring a secure connection was a letdown. That’s when I discovered the A1 AutoZone CarPlay wireless adapter, and it’s transformed my driving experience tenfold.

【2023 Upgrade CarPlay Wireless Adapter】Say goodbye to tangled cables with our A1 AutoZone CarPlay dongle, seamlessly converting your wired CarPlay setup to wireless. Enjoy the full suite of CarPlay features, from navigation to music playback, Siri assistance, and hands-free calls. Compatible with all wired CarPlay adapters, whether factory-installed or aftermarket.

【Fast & Easy to Use】Setting up our adapter is a breeze, taking just three simple steps. There’s no need for extra drivers, apps, or complicated system upgrades. Once installed, the adapter automatically establishes a wireless CarPlay connection whenever you enter your car. Set it up once and enjoy hassle-free connectivity forever!

【Sleek and Compact Design】With its lightweight and compact design, our car adapter seamlessly integrates into your vehicle without cluttering your dashboard. It comes with a USB to USB-C adapter for compatibility with both USB-C and USB car ports, ensuring versatility and convenience.

【Universal Compatibility】Forget compatibility woes – our wireless CarPlay dongle works with nearly all car models featuring wired CarPlay, including most aftermarket versions. Supported iPhone models include iPhone 6 and above, running iOS 10 or later. For a comprehensive list of compatible models, consult the manual or reach out to us directly.

【Full CarPlay Functionality】Our CarPlay wireless adapter supports iPhone app synchronization, Siri voice control, and button control, allowing you to enjoy all the functions of the original CarPlay seamlessly. This includes using maps, listening to music, making calls, and sending messages, including OEM and steering wheel button operations.

【READ BEFORE BUYING】Before purchasing, ensure your car is equipped with built-in wired CarPlay (compatible with Apple devices only). Additionally, our CarPlay dongle supports firmware updates. If you encounter any issues or compatibility concerns, please contact us for prompt assistance and firmware updates to address any issues. Elevate your driving experience with seamless wireless connectivity today!