Cleanliness, Concentrated Orange Pre-Wash 5 Litre


One Of The Best Pre Wash’s The Market Currently Has To Offer Thanks To Its Highly Concentrated Formula Which Makes It Very Easy To Remove Bugs, Road Grime, Bird Lime And Contamination From The Bodywork  Of Your Vehicle.

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Angelwax CLEANLINESS CONCENTRATED ORANGE PRE-WASH has been formulated to remove bugs, road grime, bird lime and contamination from the bodywork of your vehicle.

Our chemists have designed this water-based cleaner to be used through the foaming lance of a pressure washer and is safe to use on all vehicle surfaces. Angelwax CLEANLINESSis high foaming, solvent-free and completely wax & sealant safe.

As with all of the Angelwax creations, CLEANLINESS has been rigorously tested in our laboratory and by the best detailers in the business to ensure that we have formulated yet another perfect product for your vehicle.

Directions: Add the required amount of Angelwax CLEANLINESS & water to the bottle on your foaming lance or pressure washer. Spray the vehicle completely covering all surfaces & allow to dwell for a few minutes before rinsing. Wash the vehicle thoroughly with Angelwax FASTFOAM or Angelwax SHAMPOObefore rinsing.

Top TipFinish the wash with Angelwax BLUE RINSEto ensure a glossy streak free finish.

Dilution Ratios: For heavily soiled vehicles dilute 1:1 For lightly soiled vehicles and regular washing Angelwax CLEANLINESS can be diluted up to 5:1.

Who Are AngelWax?

”Based in Scotland near the city of Glasgow, we have a research, development and manufacturing facility from where all of the Angelwax product range is created before being shipped all over the world.

Our liquids and wax products are made in small batches by hand and then stringently tested to ensure that only the finest quality detailing products leave our premises to adorn your vehicle.

“All of our creations are exact, precise and genius in nature”.  Our unique range of detailing waxes contain the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade wax the world has to offer and when combined with our unique blend of natural oils they leave a finish that is unsurpassed with the durability to outlast even the most expensive waxes available in today’s market. ”

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